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If you’re on the hunt for a quick, affordable and hassle-free home decorating update, you can’t go wrong with giving your walls and ceilings a fresh coat of paint. 

With countless shades and finishes, house paint is an exceptionally versatile solution for interior design upgrades. Whether you’re revamping kitchens, hallways or bedrooms, paints can be used to pull off a huge spectrum of interior decor styles. 

To get your home update project underway, check out our diverse collection of paints for sale from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers. 

Why paint?

Paint has long been a go-to choice for home decorating, and with so many benefits, it’s not hard to see why: 

  • Quick: a lick or two of paint (depending on your chosen finish) is a speedy way to give living spaces a fresh, new look - it doesn’t even take that long to dry
  • Cheap: paint’s price point is typically low, making it a sound choice if you’re redecorating on a budget
  • Practical: with a finish that can be wiped and in some cases scrubbed down, paint is well-equipped for dealing with everyday wear and tear, keeping your decor in good condition
  • Durable: paint can also help protect the surface beneath, giving walls and ceilings added durability against dirt, moisture and daily wear
  • Versatile: with so many colours and finishes, paint is one of the most versatile decorating materials available. Whether you go for a single colour or several, paint can be used to create almost any decor style
  • Easy to apply: DIY decorating jobs don’t get much easier than painting. All you need is a paint brush or roller and a tray to start applying it onto the walls

Quality paints from leading brands

At 1ClickWallpapers, we bring you cheap house paints from some of the UK’s best-loved brands, including:

  • Dulux: top dog of the paint manufacturing industry, Dulux have a passion for colour that spans over 100 years. Offering a variety of emulsion paint products in a vast array of shades, their mission is to to help homeowners bring their homes to life through the power of colour
  • Crown: established over 200 years ago, Crown is considered paint royalty. Putting their extensive knowledge and experience to good use, they deliver a delectable range of paint colours and finishes that homeowners are guaranteed to love and trust

Paint colour options

One of paint’s biggest strengths is how versatile it is as a decorating material. Much of this comes down to the countless colour options, helping you to find just the right shade to pull off your dream interior design project. 

Whether you want bright shades that demand attention or practical neutrals that will hide daily wear, at 1ClickWallpapers, you’ll find a rainbow of colours available.

Let’s take a closer look at what shades you’ll find and how they can be used in your home:

  • White: keep your home decor light, airy and timeless with white wall and ceiling paint. Working beautifully on it’s own to curate clean, crisp minimalist interiors or easily paired with practically any other shade, you won’t find a more versatile colour than white paint, including our choice of off-white shades
  • Black: at the other end of the colour spectrum, black painted surfaces bring a sense of luxury and texture to interiors that’s hard to ignore. From sumptuous boudoirs with black walls and soft textiles to funky industrial bathrooms with brass accents and raw textures, black wall paint can brings drama and depth wherever you use it
  • Red: from delicate terracotta hues to rich, dark mulberry and plenty in between, our choice of red paints are perfect for giving living spaces a warm vibe. To make a grand statement with your design, go bold with bright raspberry tones as a feature wall or keep things understated with a comforting terracotta tone on all four walls
  • Green: give living spaces an invigorating and fresh touch with our selection of green paints. From the subtle hues of pale apple white through to soothing olive and sage hues, you’ll find plenty of ways to introduce green into your home decor, giving it a close connection to nature
  • Yellow: instantly bringing rooms a cheerful feel, yellow painted walls can be the perfect way to breathe new life into your living spaces, whether you opt for a classic magnolia or an enriching buttery tone
  • Blue: cool and timeless, blue paint offers the perfect choice for creating serene and calm living spaces. With elegant hues like opal blue that complement a wide range of other colours, you can create a zen-like feel in bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and beyond
  • Grey: add a chic and stylish feel to your home that will never go out of style with any one of our grey paints. From subtle grey tints to moodier shades like granite, this colour can be used to pull off a huge variety of interior styles and marries well with countless colours, too
  • Cream: for a warmer, richer finish than white, cream paint can be the way to go. Boasting a beautiful spectrum of soft, elegant hues that range from ivory through to almond and sandy tones, cream paint offers a wonderfully versatile canvas for so many interior design styles 
  • Brown: add an earthy, organic feel to interiors with grounding brown paint shades. Whether you opt for dark chocolatey hues or softer cappuccino notes, brown works brilliantly as an anchoring colour that’s right at home with rustic decor
  • Pink: elegant and versatile, pink paint lends a sleek and sophisticated finish whether you go for peachy hues or traditional rose pink. Pair it with grey or navy for striking contrasts or keep things pale and interesting by putting it alongside other pastel hues

Pick your perfect paint finish

Not all paints are equal.

Each comes with its own unique properties - some paints will be better suited to certain environments and applications than others, which can make it challenging to choose the right one.

To help you brush off the confusion, we’re giving you the lowdown on the different paint types and finishes we have for sale, along with tips on how to use them:

  • Undercoat: used to prime and seal unpainted surfaces (including plastered walls, wood and metal), undercoat provides the perfect starting layer for paint to adhere to. It also gives a neutral base colour to prevent bold colours or imperfections from showing through
  • Matt emulsion paint: typically used for walls and ceilings in living spaces like lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms, this matt paint delivers a flat, slightly textured finish with very little sheen. Along with a huge choice of matt emulsion paint colours, this wall and ceiling paint is perfect for adding texture to your interiors
  • Silk paint: this smooth, silky emulsion paint provides less texture on the finish, which all goes towards minimising moisture absorption. With a higher sheen than matt emulsion paint, the finish not only reflects some light but is also incredibly easy to wipe and even scrub clean. For these reasons, silk emulsion paint is a popular option for busy areas of the home like kitchens, bathrooms and hallways
  • Masonry paint: robust and durable, masonry paint is specifically designed for exterior use. Equipped to stand up to the elements, masonry wall paint like Dulux’s Weathershield range is perfect for covering rough, coarse surfaces like brick, render and concrete. It also features fungicide properties that prevent mould and mildew growth
  • Feature wall paint: this robust one coat paint comes with Dulux’s exclusive Chromalock technology that locks colour pigments in once dry, creating an invisible protective barrier. Perfect for delivering striking, durable feature walls and focal points with just one application, this wall paint finish is durable and primed for standing up to everyday wear and tear for longer 

Paint for every room

As a decorating material, paint can be used in every room, giving you a quick, easy and affordable way to switch up your home’s appearance. 

With colour, texture and practicality in abundance, here are a few styling ideas for different living spaces: 

  • The bedroom: create a sumptuous and serene boudoir that’s packed full of texture with matt emulsion paint in your favourite hue. For comfort and cosiness, warming apricot and terracotta shades are just the ticket. Alternatively, while pale blue and green hues for your bedroom paint will evoke an inviting sense of calm 
  • The bathroom: with low moisture absorption, silk emulsion paint is right at home as a bathroom wall and ceiling paint. Creating beautiful visual contrasts with typically shiny surfaces like tiles and glass, you can use painted walls as a grounding feature or the star of the show, depending on the colour you go for
  • The kitchen: silk emulsion paint is an equally practical option for kitchen walls thanks to its easy wipe and scrub-tolerant properties, making it easy to remove cooking splashes and grime
  • The living room: as a sanctuary of relaxation, give your living room a beautifully layered look with matt emulsion. Pairing this paint’s flat finish with oodles of soft furnishings is sure to make the whole room feel homely. Alternatively, give your living room added drama with a vibrant feature wall that can be achieved with just one coat - simple and effective
  • The hallway: give your hallway a fresh new style that’s also functional with a durable silk emulsion paint. With dark corridors, use white or off white shades to keep things light and airy or up its practicality with darker shades that’ll hide everyday scuffs and marks
  • The home office: with the right matt emulsion paint colour you can create a work from home space that feels stylish and productive. Fuel your creative side with playful yellow, orange and pink hues or give the space a soothing vibe with blues and greens in abundance
  • The outside: up the curb appeal of your home by treating its exterior to a few coats of robust masonry paint. Whether you give tired render a new lease of life, bring a touch of colour to your front door or whitewash exposed brickwork, this paint will show your home’s outside spaces plenty of TLC

Why buy with 1Clickwallpapers?

A fresh lick of the right house paint can transform the look of your home with minimal effort and cost. At 1Clickwallpapers, we’ve made it our mission to bring you the best quality paint for sale in the UK from leading brands at the best possible prices.  

The huge choice of shades and finishes in our cheap paints collection has something to suit every taste and budget, so we’re sure you’ll find just the right option for you, wherever you’re choosing to paint.

Shop our diverse range of affordable, big-brand paints online now to give your home an affordable update, and enjoy free UK delivery on all orders over £49.